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Special Notice

The Illinois Gaming Board will conduct a special meeting on October 29, 2020 at 10 AM.
The regular November Board meeting scheduled for November 5, 2020 has been rescheduled and will now take place on November 17, 2020 at 10 AM. The Board will not meet on November 5.
The October 29 and November 17 Board meetings will be live streamed through the IGB website.

Casino Board Exclusion List

Board Exclusion

The Illinois Gambling Act gives the Board the power to eject or exclude any person from Illinois casinos where such person is in violation of the Act, rules, regulations or a final order of the Board; or where the person's conduct or reputation is such that his/her presence within the casino may call into question the honesty and integrity of the gambling operations or interfere with the orderly conduct of gaming. Such exclusion is conducted pursuant to the Board's rules. A list of people who have been excluded from Illinois casinos can be found here.

Excluded Persons

Order By: Alphabetic | Exclusion Date
  1. Argamaso, Baltazar (01/04/1996)
  2. Cechini, Robert (08/22/2000)
  3. Chang, Kang Yu (10/20/2003)
  4. Chen, Xue Liang (10/20/2003)
  5. Claypoole, George Russell Jr. (01/31/2011)
  6. Delgado, Orlando (11/29/2007)
  7. Dvorak, James E. (01/13/2009)
  8. Frio, Robert (05/16/1995)
  9. Gromio, Isidro F. (05/13/1993)
  10. Hamoud, Mabel (09/29/1995)
  11. Hughes, Gladys (09/30/2016)
  12. Leek, David (01/31/1995)
  13. Lycos, George T. (11/21/2002)
  14. Mendiola, Estaban D. (05/13/1993)
  15. Mendiola, Phillip M. (05/13/1993)
  16. Mitchell, Robert (05/16/1995)
  17. Punzalan, Reynaldo (01/04/1996)
  18. Roberts, Ronald L. (04/10/2014)
  19. Rosario, Christopher (11/29/2007)
  20. Salinas, Arturo (11/07/2016)
  21. Sanchez, Ruben (11/29/2007)
  22. Scaffidi, Joseph (09/21/2001)
  23. Tolevski, Jason (06/13/2016)
  24. Valdes, Leandro D. Jr. (03/03/2017)
  25. Williams, Earl H. (08/24/2016)
  26. Wire, James (01/31/1995)