Sports Wagering Frequently Asked Questions

Applicable Law & Standards

Act and Rules

1. How can I access the Sports Wagering Act? Hide Answer
To access the Act via the Internet, go to Sports Wagering Applicable Law & Standards.
A hard copy of the Act can be found in the printed Illinois Compiled Statutes (any publisher), which is available at all law libraries and many public libraries. Go to 230 ILCS 45/1 et seq. If referencing a hard copy, make sure you look at the latest edition plus any supplements, as the Act has undergone numerous changes which may not be included in an older edition.
2. What is the purpose of Phase 1 and Phase 2 Sports Wagering rules? Hide Answer
Phase 1 rules address the implementation of the foundational structure of sports wagering in Illinois. This includes licensing qualifications and procedures, basic standards of conduct for licensees, and other elemental aspects of the Illinois sports wagering regulatory regime. Phase 2 rules address the actual conduct of sports wagering, including placement and redemption of wagers, standards for testing and approval of equipment, facility requirements, self-exclusion, and much more.
3. When can I start wagering on sports in Illinois? Hide Answer
Sports wagering can commence once an applicant for a master sports wagering license has received either its license or a temporary operating permit and has obtained approval from the Illinois Gaming Board to commence wagering. Existing Illinois casinos and applicants for organization gaming licenses (racetracks) may apply for a license using a short form application available on the Gaming Board's website. Under Rule 790, the Administrator may issue a temporary operating permit to a master sports wagering applicant if the applicant already holds or is affiliated with an entity that holds an owners license or organization gaming license under the Illinois Gambling Act. Under Rule 1100, the Administrator may grant provisionary approval to a master sports wagering licensee to begin wagering operations, subject to certain requirements.
4. Where can I wager on sports in Illinois? Hide Answer
Under the Sports Wagering Act, master sports wagering licenses may be issued to casinos, racetracks, and up to seven sports facilities with a seating capacity of over 17,000 persons. Once licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board, those entities may install and operate sports wagering kiosks or wagering windows within their facilities or at a location within 5 blocks of the facility. Additionally, racetracks may conduct sports wagering at up to three inter-track wagering locations (more commonly known as an OTB or off-track betting location). Sports facilities may conduct in-person wagering within a five-block radius of their facility. In person wagering at both the inter-track wagering locations and within a five-block radius of a sports facility is still subject to local zoning restrictions and regulations.
5. When can I start wagering on sports online in Illinois? Hide Answer
In addition to the licensing of a master sports wagering licensee and approval to commence sports wagering, any internet sports wagering system must be in compliance with Rule 1430, including appropriate testing and certification. The Sports Wagering Act requires that once a sports wagering system is approved by the Illinois Gaming Board, patrons must sign up in person at the physical facility operated by the master sports wagering licensee in order to establish a sports wagering account that the patron can use for online sports wagering.
6. What sports can I wager on in Illinois? Hide Answer
The Sports Wagering Act and the proposed rules allow master sports wagering licensees to offer wagers on any professional sport, any motorsport, and any collegiate sport excluding those involving Illinois collegiate teams. The Illinois Gaming Board retains the authority to ban certain types or kinds of wagers or ban wagers on certain sports, leagues, or other activities. Any other competition of relative skill that does not fall into one of the above categories must be approved by the Illinois Gaming Board pursuant to Rule 1120.
7. I'm new to sports wagering. How will I know how different kinds of wagers work? Hide Answer
Each master sports wagering licensee is required to document what kinds of wagers they offer, and how those wagers work. Sports wagering licensees are required to publish their house rules and make those rules available to patrons upon request. The house rules will also tell you how to redeem wagers, and describe how and when wagers may be cancelled or voided.
8. I may have a gambling problem. How can I get help and can I self-exclude myself from sports wagering? Hide Answer
Any individual who believes he or she may have a gambling problem may request to be excluded from participation in sports wagering and casino gambling in Illinois. You can find a list of enrollment sites, along with other helpful resources at Help for Problem Gamblers.
9. I am already on the Illinois casino self-exclusion list. Can I participate in sports wagering? Hide Answer
No. The Sports Wagering Act requires that the Board self-exclusion program for sports wagering be incorporated into the existing self-exclusion program. For this reason, individuals already on the self-exclusion list are precluded from participation in sports wagering.
More information on the self-exclusion list can be found Help for Problem Gamblers.
10. My company provides services to a sports wagering licensee. Does my company need a license? Hide Answer
Whether your company needs a license depends on the services the company provides. If your company provides any services identified in Rule 150(c), the company must obtain a supplier license. This includes any manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer of any wagering equipment, systems, or other items used or needed to conduct sports wagering. Regardless of the product or service provided, if a company receives a share of sports wagering revenue from a master sports wagering licensee, that company must obtain a management services provider license, pursuant to Section 25-55(d) of the Sports Wagering Act.
11. I work for a company that may obtain a master sports wagering license. Do I need to get an occupational license? Hide Answer
You are only required to obtain an occupational license if you perform duties in furtherance of or associated with the operation of sports wagering in Illinois or if you work in a designated gaming area. Unlicensed individuals are not permitted in designated gaming areas unaccompanied by a licensee.
12. How can I comment on the phase 1 and phase 2 sports wagering rules? Hide Answer
Please send all comments about the phase 1 and phase 2 sports wagering rules to These comments may become a part of the rulemaking record.
13. I am a sports wagering marketing affiliate. Do I need a license? Hide Answer
The Sports Wagering Act only requires supplier licenses for those persons or entities that lease/sell/provide "sports wagering equipment" to master sports wagering licensees. This generally does not include entities that provide advertising or marketing services, unless they are also providing systems that integrate directly with the master sports wagering licensee's sports wagering system.
However, please review 11 Ill. Admin Code 1900.340, which governs advertising and marketing on behalf of master sports wagering licensees. A master sports wagering licensee is still liable for any actions performed by a marketing affiliate on their behalf or to their benefit. Further, Rule 340(f) prohibits licensees from entering into contracts for advertising or marketing when compensation is dependent on or related to the volume or outcome of wagers.
14. May I wager on Illinois collegiate teams and players? Hide Answer
Under Section 25(d) of the Illinois Sports Wagering Act, a licensee "may not accept a wager for a sports event involving an Illinois collegiate team". For more information please review the Memorandum regarding Wagering on Illinois Collegiate Teams.

Public Commentary

1. Can I view the responses from the September 2019 Sports Wagering Rules public comment submission period? Hide Answer
The September 2019 Sports Wagering Rules comment submissions have been compiled for public disclosure.
2. Can I view the responses from the August 2021 Declaratory Ruling Procedure public comment submission period? Hide Answer
The The August 2021 Declaratory Ruling Procedure comment submissions have been compiled for public disclosure.