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Disciplinary Complaints

Video Gaming Act Disciplinary Complaints

The list below provides links to Disciplinary Complaints issued by the Illinois Gaming Board. Disciplinary Complaints are merely allegations, and respondents are entitled to a hearing under applicable Statutes and Gaming Board Rules.
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DC-V-20-008 (issued 12/18/2020)
DC-V-20-006 (issued 9/11/2020)
DC-V-20-005 (issued 9/11/2020)
DC-V-20-004 (issued 9/11/2020)
DC-V-20-003 (issued 9/11/2020)
DC-V-20-07 (issued 9/10/2020)
DC-V-20-02 (issued 8/27/2020)
DC-V-19-086 (issued 2/11/2020)
DC-V-20-01 (issued 2/7/2020)