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Special Notice

Pursuant to the Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation Plan announced by Governor Pritzker on November 17, 2020, all licensed Illinois casino gambling and video gaming operations of all kind are suspended until further notice effective at the conclusion of the gaming day at 11:01pm on Thursday, November 19, 2020.
Failure to comply with these mitigation efforts could subject licensees to discipline, up to and including license revocation.
The IGB will continue to enroll individuals in Self-Exclusion during Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigation. Individuals seeking to enroll in Self-Exclusion need to contact the Program Director to coordinate the enrollment process at an Illinois casino. The Program Director can be reached at (312) 814-4678, (312) 814-8832 or by e-mail at

Municipalities Prohibiting Video Gaming

Municipalities Prohibiting Video Gaming

A municipality may be excluded from video gaming if they have either
  1. availed themselves of the opt-out provisions of the Video Gaming Act; or
  2. have a current ordinance prohibiting gambling in the municipality and that ordinance does not make an exception for video gaming.
The list below indicates whether video gaming will be allowed in each municipality in the State of Illinois. Completing this list is an ongoing process. Updates will likely be made daily. An attempt has been made to indicate where the relevant information was found. The IGB is not responsible for contacting a municipality in order to effectuate a change to the municipality's ordinances regarding video gaming.
If you believe the list below contains errors or your municipality's information is not yet listed, you may have a municipality official or attorney send the IGB a letter on official letterhead indicating whether or not the municipality chose to opt out or prohibit video gaming. Please include a copy of the ordinance, if applicable. You may fax the letter to (312) 814-4602 or mail it to
Legal Division
Re: Video Gaming Ordinance
160 North LaSalle - Suite 300
Chicago Illinois 60601
If you still have questions after a thorough review of this list and your municipality's ordinances, please contact IGB Legal Division at (312) 814-4700.


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Name ASC
City of AbingdonKnoxYesN/A
Adair CDP Unknown 
Unincorporated Adams CountyAdamsYesN/A
Village of AddievilleWashingtonYesPer November 26, 2012 correspondence from Village of Addieville Mayor Gary Bergmann, the Village of Addieville "did not opt out of the video gaming and does not prohibit it"
Village of AddisonDupageYesAllowed by Ordinance No. O-12-52 passed and approved Nov 19 2012.
Village of AdelineOgleUnknown 
Village of AlbanyWhitesideYesSpecifically allowed by Ordinance No. 689, dated 7/2/12
Village of AlbersClintonLimitedSpecifically allowed by Ordinance No. 508-12, dated 6/11/12; however, not permitted in licensed truck stop establishments
City of AlbionEdwardsYesAllowed by Ordinance 13-08-05-01 Section 21-3-17. (August 5, 2013)
City of AledoMercerYesSpecifically allowed by Ordinance No. 19, dated 9/4/12
Unincorporated Alexander CountyAlexanderYesN/A
Village of AlexisMercerYesAllowed by Ordinance No 2014-645 dated January 13, 2014.
Village of AlgonquinMchenryYesAllowed via Ordinance 2013 - O - 18
Village of AlhambraMadisonYesSpecifically allowed by Ordinance No. 484, dated 6/11/12
Village of AllendaleWabashNoOrdinance No. Six, Chapter XIII, Section 50 and 51 prohibit any "game for money or other valuable thing" within village limits.
Village of AllenvilleMoultrieUnknown 
Village of AllertonChampaignUnknown 
Village of AlmaMarionNoOpted out (according to Illinois Liquor Control Commission)
Village of AlortonSt. ClairYesSpecifically allowed by Ordinance: Sect. 7-4-4
Village of AlphaHenryYesAllowed per Title 2, Chapter 1, Section 25 of local ordinance
Village of AlseyScottYesAllowed per Village Board as of April 8, 2013.
Village of AlsipCookYesSpecifically allowed by Ordinance No. 2012-6-4, dated 6/18/12
City of AltamontEffinghamYesSpecifically allowed by Ordinance No. 512-12, dated 5/29/12
Village of Alto PassUnionYesAllowed as of July 10, 2018 amendment to Village Liquor Code Section 5-3-8.
City of AltonMadisonYesSpecifically allowed by Tit. 7, Ch. 2, Sect. 7-2-10
Village of AltonaKnoxYesAllowed per Village Board President Derrick Appell dated March 10, 2014.
Village of AlvinVermilionUnknown 
City of AmboyLeeYesN/A
Village of AnchorMcLeanUnknown 
Village of AndalusiaRock IslandYesAllowed by Ordinance 2014-08-144 dated August 18, 2014