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Local jurisdictions such as counties, villages and cities may prohibit video gaming. (see IL Local Governments) Is the proposed Licensed Video Gaming Location within a zone where Video Gaming Terminals are prohibited by local ordinance?

Jurisdictions are not required to inform the Illinois Gaming Board if they have passed ordinances banning video gaming, or if such restrictions were in place before the Act was passed. However, the Board strives to maintain a list of jurisdictions that prohibit such activity. Please examine closely the following list, and verify that the proposed Licensed Video Gaming Location is not within a listed jurisdiction. The proposed Licensed Video Gaming Location is within the following local jurisdiction:

If Applicant's address is in a municipality included on the video gaming banned list, applicant may only select 'None of the Above' if
1) The Applicant's address is OUTSIDE the corporate limits of the listed banned municipality, and
2) The Applicant's address is in an unincorporated area of a county that is NOT on the banned list.

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